About our Daycare:

Our home daycare is located in old Milton near the Fairgrounds. We have a nice large grassy backyard where we like to put the sprinkler on a hot summer day or our bouncy castle!   ... Running behind the daycare and next door is "Grampa's garden" where we can pick fresh veggies! Always lots of tomatoes! This runs behind the  2 houses.

For rainy  days we have a 10x10 canopy to play under or for a fun change put up our bouncy castle.


We pride ourselves in having a warm, loving and safe environment in which your child can explore, learn and experience many different things. Some features that help insure your child’s safety are:



*Adequate Ventilation through out the home.

*There are no guns or firearms on premises.

*Gates are used to block areas where children should not go .

*Fire extinguishers are maintained properly.

*Toys are age appropriate and in safe manner.

*Electrical outlets are covered.

*Pens, pencils and office supplies are out of reach.

*Knives and scissors are kept out of reach.

*Cleaners and chemicals are out of reach.

* Medications are out of reach.

*A well-stocked first aid kit is kept near and expiration dates observed.

*Animals are child friendly and properly immunized and in good health.

*Provider is CPR and First Aid certified.



*Safe grassy area’s to play.

*Safe play equipment and toys.

*Children do not play outside unsupervised

About Our Programming:

We offer age appropriate educational programming. We believe kids should learn through fun! We have circle time for those old enough to join while we encourage everyone to participate we do not force them to. We do crafts what better fun then painting or gluing sprinkles ... playing with playdoh... We have a water table with boats and more to keep things interesting we like to switch between water rice and sand ... different textures keep it new and exciting!
I'm sorry no you cannot play hooky and stay n play this is for the kids! ;D

About Me:

 My name as you probably have guessed is Kelly. I am a mother of a 13yr old boy in my late 30s and ran a home daycare when he was little. Then I separated from my husband and moved in with my parents so for a few years no daycare.  I went back to school for my PSW (Personal Support Worker) and graduated with honours!   I chose PSW because my son was older... But then I met my fiance Joe and we are now trying again so we have decided now is the perfect time to reopen a home daycare. I am CPR/First Aid HCP certified and both of us have our police check and vulnerable sector screening. Most days there will be two of us in the because let's face it two sets of eyes are better than one! While I will be the primary caregiver, we are both very caring and will treat your child like one of our own.