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Parent Handbook:


During the interview you received a checklist which covers requirements for enrollment.  This must be followed in order to enroll your child. All paperwork must be received before your child may start.

Before you leave your child the first day, it is wise to make a visit with the child during my regular day care hours (mid mornings are best, since the children sleep in the afternoons). This way your child gets to see what happens in day care and gives him/her a chance to meet the other children and me. This visit is a good time to bring any items you need to leave here (e.g., diapers, extra clothing, etc.) I am required to have a complete change of clothes for each child. If you or your child is very uneasy about day care, at least two visits are recommended: the first during my off hours when your child will not be overwhelmed by the other children and the noise, and will have all the toys available to him/her. During this time I will be able to give your child undivided attention. The second visit could be during regular day care hours.


I believe children should have fun! After all, even the experts agree that preschool age children learn most through play. These carefree years are so short, and soon the children will be exposed to a much more structured form of learning. During the month, many activities take place which help promote basic skills (letter & number recognition, color & shape recognition, large motor skills, small motor skills, etc.).


Indoor Play constitutes the majority of our play time (when the entire year is averaged). I provide a variety of age-appropriate toys for your child to play with. Since the ages of the children I watch vary, all the toys I have are safe for even the youngest. It is preferred that no toys be brought from home, I will not be responsible for toys from home that get broken or lost at day care. The responsibility remains with the child and the parents.


Please dress your child appropriately for the current weather, and in play clothes (with shoes that adequately protect the feet and are not slick-soled – running shoes are a good choice >Velcro is preferred if your child cannot tie their own).  When the weather cooperates we will spend a fair amount of time outdoors, ranging from playing in the backyard to a walk to a local park or school or to OEYC More time will be spent outside as the weather permits. However we try to spend an hour (more in summer) a day outside so please send Mitts hats good boots a 2nd pair of any of these would be a good idea.


All children under the age of five are required to have a rest time (and I haven't met one yet who doesn't need it!) I will provide a safe, warm, quiet place for your child to rest. Children two and older will sleep on a mat or sleeping bag in the quiet room. Children under the age of two will always be in a crib or playpen. Children who wake up before the rest will be guided in finding a quiet time activity to engage in that will not disturb any sleeping children. If your child does not normally nap discuss this with me. All children will be put down for quiet time but if they are not sleeping they will have quiet time activities like reading a book or colouring a picture.

Overnight children will be put down to sleep no later than 10 pm and woke between 7- 7:30 am.  Discuss normal bedtime with me.



I incorporate preschool curriculum into our daily activities for fun and to prepare the older children for school. We do age appropriate crafts, have circle time and have educational games like patterning and sorting.



Each day upon arriving, the parent is required to sign his child(ren) in, noting the time arrived. A sign-in/out pad, pens, and a clock are all located by the door. This is to be followed by signing the child (ren) out when they leave. This gives me a written record of the child's attendance, hours, and who brought/picked up the child. (More details see “RELEASING YOUR CHILD”)


I may take 5 personal or sick days paid per year, of course sick days cannot be scheduled but I will try to give you as much notice as possible. A personal day might be taken for a class or important event that will be scheduled with two-week notice. If an extended illness or an unforeseen situation causes me to close other than the above mentioned, there will be no charges for those days. You are required to find alternate care for these days.



At the time of acceptance into the center and the signing of the contract there will be a deposit of one weeks rate. This deposit will be used towards your last week of care when the proper two weeks notice is given. If you leave before 60 days (after the first 2 week probationary period) a $25 service fee will apply not be refunded from your last weeks deposit.


My time is very valuable to me, as is yours to you and I expect that you follow your schedule, if you are early or late, fees will be charged as follows and will be added to Friday’s (last day in care usually Friday) payment. Charges are $5.00 per 15 minutes over your scheduled hours.


You may pay by cash or check, but checks give you a record of your payment to check with my figures at tax time. If a check is returned I will notify you and will ask for payment in cash. After the second returned check, I will accept only cash. There will be a $35.00 returned check charge. This is to cover what my bank charges me for your cheque bouncing. If you get paid every other week and it is easier to pay every two weeks, talk to me and we will work it out.

Day care fees are daily rates paid weekly, on your last day of care for the following week.

You are required to pay the weekly fee whenever the center is open, if you have your child scheduled for that day, whether or not the child is in attendance. This fee ensures that the child's spot is held for him/her.

If you do not pay by pick up on their last day of care there will be a $10.00 per day late charge. If payment is not received by first day of care the following week we have the right to refuse care. You will not be refunded for day(s) missed due to non payment.

Each calendar year a family may take two weeks vacation while the center is open at a fee of 50% of your weekly fee to a maximum of $100.00 per week to hold your time slot (Unless taken during my vacation when the centre is closed then there is only a $50/wk charge to hold a spot.) A two-week written notice of this vacation period is required. If no notice, or less than two weeks notice is given, a full, weekly averaged fee (up to $175.00/wk) will be charged.


During the summer for a fun change I offer an overnight camp for 1 wk where we go to a local campground you may choose to have your child participate (additional fee may apply for overnight) or if you choose not to have your child participate you can keep them home while I will not charge full rate for this a $50 charge will be required to keep your spot. (The camp will be reasonably local so you can just drop them off for the day if you choose. Additional fees will depend on cost of the expenses and varies year to year.)



The following are Stat holidays the center will be closed. Just as you are paid for your stat holidays so am I. If you require care for these days please discuss this with me additional fees will apply if I am able.


•     New Year's Day          •  Family Day       •  Good Friday

•     Victoria Day               •  Canada Day      •  Labour Day

•     Thanksgiving Day       •   Christmas Day  •  Boxing Day



I will give you a two-week notice of any changes in my fees or policies. At the end of each calendar year I will give you receipt for tax purposes upon request.



If for some reason you decide to stop bringing your child to our daycare I require a two-week written notice. This will give me time to find a child to fill your child's spot. Payment is due for the two-week notice period whether or not the child is brought to daycare. Any outstanding fees must be paid on or before the child's last week. One of the two weeks will be covered  from  your last weeks deposit. It is preferred to have at least one months notice if possible to aid in filling your spot. PLEASE NOTE: If you have 2 or more children in care a min of 3 weeks notice is required to fill the spots as filling more than one spot is harder. If only one child is leaving then only 2 weeks is required however if you know they are leaving ie going to a school program we would appreciate knowing as soon as possible. If it becomes necessary for me to resort to legal action to collect fees, the parent(s) will be responsible for legal fees incurred on my part. If I can no longer watch your child for one reason or another, I will give you a minimum of two-weeks notice, if possible.  There might be a time when immediate termination could be warranted, and as we both understand it is not easy to find day care, it is important for policies to be understood and abided by.

Examples of why I would terminate your child's care with or without notice include (but may not be limited to):

**Failure to complete required forms. 

**Lack of parental cooperation.

**Failure of child to adjust to the center after a reasonable amount of time.

**My inability to meet the child's needs without additional staff

**Lack of payment

**Lack of respect for the provider or other children, by the parent or child

** Violence upon any person or child



My normal procedure is to release the child only to his or her parents or someone else the parents designate. If someone other than the parent is to pick the child up, please notify me ahead of time. A verbal notice is fine on that day if this person is on the list of those authorized to pick up your child. If the person is not on that list, I must have written permission to release your child. ID will be required at first until I know that person.

One of the forms you are required to complete designates who may pick the child up if there is an emergency and you cannot contact me. Please make sure those listed are persons with whom you would allow your child to leave if that person showed up at my door and said, "I need to take Johnny with me." Those on the list should also be people I could call in the event something happened and you did not show up to pick up your child.

Please inform your emergency contacts that if I do not know them that I will ask for identification. I do not mean to offend them. This is simply a measure taken for the child's protection. Even if the child knows the person I still require ID as this does not always mean they are allowed to pick them up. Please keep your contact list up to date ei if there is a custody battle or someone you trusted is no longer trust worthy.  Please note in the case of custody battles where a parent is no longer allowed to pick up the child I would need to see proper documentation.



I try to stress two main patterns of behavior: respect for other people, and respect for property.  As a result I don't allow children to hit or shove other children or verbally abuse them. I also stress that they treat material possessions (mine or theirs) with respect.

There is a difference between playing hard, and using a toy for a purpose for which it was not intended. For example, books are for looking at, not tearing pages out of, and toy brooms are for sweeping, not for bashing the kitchen set with. Occasionally children do not behave in respectful ways. I first remind them of the proper behavior. If the behavior is repeated, an age appropriate "time out" is used.

The amount of time a child sits in "time out" varies according to his age. Most experts agree that one minute per year of age is the most effective length of time, but this amount could be extended under certain circumstances, (it is not a punishment more a chance for them to calm down) then I will  talk to the child (by now he has calmed down) and try to explain why that behavior was inappropriate. I might ask, "What might happen if we continue to throw toys?" The appropriate answers usually come out: something might get broken, the toy might break, and someone might get hit by the toy. If a child still has not calmed down or is really belligerent at this point I will separate him from the other children. I skip the "reminder" and go straight to "time out" if the offense involves hitting or otherwise physically abusing another child. If a child continues to abuse a certain toy the privilege of playing with that toy may be taken away from him for a period of several minutes up to the rest of the day.  If the whole group of children is engaged in this, the toy will be considered "closed" for a while.  For example, one day I catch the children throwing the tools and climbing on the workbench. I remind them that the workbench was not to be played with in this way, and they continue by turning it upside down and climbing on it that way. The workbench will be "closed" for the rest of the day, and the next day we hopefully have no problems with it. If a child continues to behave inappropriately, I will talk to you about it. Hopefully these types of behaviors are ones you want your child to adopt, too, so they will be reinforced at home. If that is the case, we shouldn't have any major problems!

Children are never punished for lapses in toilet training or for accidents (spilled milk, for example). In the case of the latter, I will have the child help me clean up, if possible, not for punishment, but to help teach responsibility.  “Oops did we spill our drink? That’s Ok accidents happen. Let’s get a cloth to clean it up! Great job! Thanks for helping. Perhaps next time we shouldn’t run with our drinks what do you think?”

This statement sums up my policy: "Punishment that is humiliating or frightening to a child, such as hitting, spanking, shaking, or verbal abuse, withholding or forcing food or punishment for lapses in toilet training and other forms of physical punishment are prohibited. These forms of punishment will never be used, even at the request of the parent. I will treat your child, as they were my own, I feel it is important for the child to feel love as well as discipline.  Please also understand that I am a mandated abuse reporter and if I suspect there is an abusive situation I am required by law to report it. For this I document all things that are out of the ordinary, either in daycare or out.                     


I feel that religious teachings should be left up to the parents. That does not mean that God never is mentioned. If you have any restrictions or concerns, please feel free to address them to me. We also usually have parties at Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc. If you do not wish to have your child participate in these, please let me know.


Toddlers will not necessarily follow a set schedule. They are not capable of sitting still for circle time, may need a morning nap, etc. This is one reason our daily schedule is not "set in stone". Children develop differently, and activities will be done at their own pace.  We will remain flexible thoughout the day and adjust as the children’s needs change.



When you feel your child is ready for toilet teaching, I ask that you begin this teaching at home. I will follow through and encourage your child while in my care. Please keep in mind that the activity level here can distract your child from responding to an urge to use the potty, more so than at your home. Therefore, I will continue to use diapers or pull-ups until your child can and will announce that he/she must use the bathroom (not just at home, but here, also) and can control his/her bladder and bowels for a few minutes beyond that announcement. When the child has reached this point, training pants (5-ply, not plain terry cloth) with plastic pants may be used.

When accidents are only happening once every other week, 5-ply training pants will be used without plastic pants. Do not bring your child in panties or underwear until he/she has naptime and bedtime control established.

I also ask that during toilet learning, the child be dressed in "user-friendly" clothing as much as possible. The best items are shorts and pants with elastic waists, or dresses for girls. Try to avoid really tight clothing, pants with snaps and zippers, and overalls as often as you can. Your child will want to help pull pants, etc. up and down, plus clothing with too many "gadgets" makes it harder to get the child on the potty in time. Please be sure to provide enough clothing and extra training pants in case of an accident.


I ask that you have a back-up (someone you can call if I am sick or if your child is sick). If I get sick I will let you know as quickly as possible so that you can make other arrangements for your child. I try to call the night before, but sometimes that's impossible. If I wake up sick, I usually call around 6:30 a.m.

I will not care for a child who is feverish. If he has thrown up or had diarrhea within the last 24 hours please keep him home. If he has a green discharge from his nose he must be on an antibiotic for 24 hours before he can attend. If your child is not feeling well, do not give him Tylenol to mask his symptoms and send them on their way (I personally use Advil for fevers and tylonol for pain but that’s just my experience). If your child is throwing up the night before and seems fine the next day, he is more than likely still contagious to the others.

You must wait 24 hours. All the children use the same toilet and washroom and they often "mouth" the same toys. They are often very affectionate with each other and it is very difficult to keep a sick child from infecting everyone else. Please be courteous as you would not appreciate if someone else did this to your child. It is every child we are thinking of!

Illnesses are defined as but not limited to:


**Conjunctivitis (pink eye) or "cold in the eye"


**Unusual rash

**Severe cough    

**Rapid breathing or labored breathing

**Severe cold     


**Yellowish skin or eyes


**Head lice        

 **Contagious illness of any sort which results in child being too ill to participate in daily activities.

I will not accept the child for care if any of the above symptoms are present or have been present within the last 24 hours. If the child shows any of the symptoms while in care, I will remove him from the group and notify the parent or authorized adult to pick up the child.

Parents have one hour from time of notification to pick up the child.

The child may return 24 hours after a temperature has returned to normal, 24 hours after the child is no longer vomiting, or 24-48 hours (depending on the illness) after the first dose of an antibiotic. If a child receives an antibiotic for an ear infection he may return to day care immediately if he has been free of other symptoms mentioned for at least 24 hours. The child is welcome when he has only a mild cold (e.g. runny nose or mild cough), but is able to participate in the day's activities.



If your child is on medication and it needs to be administered while he is at day care, the medicine must be in the original container and labeled with the child's name, doctor's name, name of medication, dosage, and when to be taken. I will also have a form for you to sign giving me permission to give the medication to your child. Medication will be administered at the time or with the meal you specify and a written record kept.



Minor cuts and abrasions suffered while at the center will receive proper care -- specifically, they will be washed with soap and warm water and properly bandaged. Treatment will be logged and I will tell you how and when the injury occurred. I also am required to log any injuries I observe on your child which have occurred outside of my care, and I am required by law to report any possible abuse situations.

If a medical emergency arises, I will try to contact a parent first, unless doing so endangers the child's life. In that case I will take necessary steps, putting the child first (calling hospital, doctor, poison control, etc.). If need be, I will take your child to the nearest hospital via ambulance. Then try to call you when we arrive. If a parent is unable to be reached, I will keep trying until he or she is available. Parent will be responsible for any costs incurred ie ambulance fee.

In the event of a fire, we would evacuate the house immediately (3 door exits are available) and gather outside by “Grampa’s Garden” or my personal residence 2 doors down. This will be practiced monthly so the children are familiar with what to do.




 Complete change of clothes at least 1 preferably 2 (under age of 5) 2prs of undies.

 Diapers (you will be notified when supplies are low)



 Hairbrush and/or comb

 Pillow, blanket

 Pajamas for overnight care

 Swim suit & Bath towel

A pair of mittens and hat are to be left here in addition to what you send them in they get wet.


POTTY TRAINERS: Pull-ups if your child is not having accidents more then once a week training underwear may be worn … send extras.

 All items must be labeled in permanent marker.  Each child will have their own cubby for items, and you will be notified when replacement items are needed.


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- - -Return before 1st day of care- - -



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